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We have made food plotting easier for you to follow by implementing a simple 3 step plan to maximize overall tonnage and provide your deer year-round food. The Ultimate Food Plot: 3 Step PlanStep (1) - ESTABLISHPlant Clover Rush this spring to establish a good foundation that provides high protein to your deer coming out of winter. The high level of nitrogen is also a great soil conditioner. Step (2) - INCREASETill stripes or areas into your existing Clover Rush plot towards the end of July or by mid August and add Gold Fever brassica mix.  This will increase tonnage and attractiveness throughout the fall and winter months.Step (3) - MAXIMIZE Over-seed your Gold Fever with Winter Klondike from mid September to early October to create new growth in over browsed areas. This will provide another key food source and maximize your overall plot.

Ultimate Food Plot!


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