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14k Gold Protein is designed as a spin feed that is balanced with the nutritional needs to keep your herd healthy. 14k Gold Protein can also be used in gravity feeders or as ground feed. At 14.07% Protein, this is an ideal feed to use during the October – November months as deer are preparing and going through the rut phase. 14k Protein Feed is mixed with wet molasses creating a highly attractable scent to draw deer in from long range.

14K Protein Bulk - 1,000lb

  • Corn grain, roasted soybeans, plant protein products, processed grain by-products, animal fat preserved with BHA, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, artificial flavor, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, salt, magnesium oxide, manganese sulfate, manganous oxide, cobalt carbonate, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, and sodium selenite, and cane molasses, sunflower