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Claim Jumper – A food plot so attractive deer will come from surrounding areas to stake their new claim.

White Gold’s Claim Jumper consists of Daikon Radish along with a blend of Forage Collards.  This lush and leafy blend provides a powerful attraction with its sweet taste that deer love and will continue coming back for.  Forage Collards are highly palatable, easily digestible, and are high in protein. Even as deer heavily browse these brassicas, they will continue to grow providing you tonnage to last all season.

  • Quality late-season deer forage
  • Excellent forage quality and palatability
  • Drought tolerant
  • Great cover crop
  • Builds organic matter
  • Weed suppression

Claim Jumper

  • Daikon Radish, White Gold Forage Collards

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