Everything you need to get started this spring!

  • Green Monster is a 10-15 ft. tall versatile mix that is perfect for borders, screening and habitat cover. Deer like to feel secure when entering and feeding in a food plot. Green Monster is the perfect solution for planting along food plot edges or in patterns throughout a larger plot to break it up and promote daytime activity.
  • Clover Rush is a mix using 5 different Clovers ( Advantage Ladino, Kopu II, Berseem, Gallant and Jumbo Clover) with a 10% Chicory mixed in. This is a high tonnage producing perennial mix that can last up to 6+ years if properly maintained.
  • Mineral Brick 50 is impervious to the weather - which means no crumbling or molding - and can last up to 50 days! The new Mineral Brick 50’s enhanced flavor makes it even more irresistible to deer and still packs a huge punch of key vitamins, minerals and nutralyes to aid in bone and antler development as well as overall health!
  • White Gold Pay Dirt Berry is a combination of a powerful attractant as well as a nutritional supplement. Pay Dirt Berry is known for attracting deer almost immediately after application and utilizes the best in Macro and Trace Minerals to simply do more for your herd. Key ingredients give your deer the nutrients and supplements needed for maximum health and growth!

Spring Starter Bundle!

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