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White Gold’s Golden Ground is an exciting new product that provides several key benefits that no other food plot fertilizer or company offers. This product was designed with 3 things in mind:

  1. Increase your plots tonnage
  2. Provide minerals to your deer
  3. Condition poor soil over time

Golden Ground Fertilizer

    • More Forage. High Calcium used to produced high tonnage
    • Key Minerals. Loaded with key minerals to maximize plant growth
    • Soil Health. Designed to produce and condition any soil year to year
    • 6-10-8. 30% carbon based product. Ca, S, Mn, Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Zn Minerals mixed into each granule.
    • Antler Growth. Key minerals absorbed by plants are then absorbed by deer
    • Bigger Bang for Your Bucks. Half the amount required + better results
    • Microbial Food. Golden Ground delivers crop nutrients in a carbon matrix. This revolutionary nutrient delivery mechanism serves as food for soil microbes, which allows nutrients to be pulled into the soil biology for immediate and season-long availability.
    • Micronutrients in Every Granule. Golden Ground provides micronutrients in every granule. This increases root exchange sites and plant access to micronutrients, helping reduce tonnage-limiting factors associated with nutrient deficiencies.
    • Easy to Blend, Haul & Apply. Golden Ground removes water and fiber from manure, leaving a base material that is much lighter and easier to apply with any broadcaster or spreader.